How to Remove Plaque from Teeth?

Plague is defined as the accumulation of bacteria on teeth. This is quite invisible to naked eye but proves to harmful enough. It interacts with different types of food while its growth is aided by improve care. If you are suffering from this issue then we have a few effective and cost saving options for you. Take action on these to get rid of your misery.

  • Baking Soda

This therapy needs to introduction! Baking soda is used to treat almost every tooth problem. Still, it makes the perfect answer to how to remove plaque from teeth? Take baking soda in a bow and dip your toothbrush in it. Make sure you have enough soda on the bristles to brush for a while. Brush your teeth with the soda as you would normally do with your regular paste. You can add some salt to improve the results.


  • Eat Apples

Apples don`t only keep the doctor away but these also help to keep the dentist away. If you are suffering from Plague, simply eat and apple with your effected teeth. This will help fighting the plaque and keep it from building up again. If you want, you can eat melons as well.

  • Orange Peel

Vitamin C in Citrus foods helps to fight off plague build-up. This prevents the micro-organisms to grow onto the surface of tooth. Just rum the peel on affected teeth and watch the buildup fading away.

  • Sesame Seeds

You don`t have not apply these nor you need to make a paste out of them. All you need to do is simply chew them. Chew them, not swallow. Make a paste of them in your mouth and use your tooth brush to cover your mouth into it.  This will not only help you for how to remove plaque from teeth but it will also help you to polish your teeth.

Plaque can mean the end of your healthy oral life. To make sure it doesn’t happen, you need routine check up with your Woodstock Dentist. Proper dental cleaning helps removing plaque. Clean your teeth and polish them well to leave the teeth surface clean, this is unideal for the plaque to build up and it protects you from plaque in future. In addition to getting rid of your plaque problems, SunnyView Dental clinic also provide you with necessary precautions to avoid this problem in the future.

So make a routine and be sure you check up with our team regularly, we help you to lead a healthy life by providing you top notch oral care.